Workshops for STEM teachers conducted by ECAM-EPMI, Cergy, France

Workshops were conducted by ECAM-EPMI with various secondary schools and high schools in order to introduce them the Direction 4.0 project and present the Compendium realized by the partners of the project. The final goal was to receive feedback from them on the document and some suggestions for activities that could be created for the students to make them aware of the STEM subjects selected in Direction 4.0: Smart Factories, Robotics, 3D printing and additive manufacturing and Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Here are a few examples of input given by the STEM teachers for each of the topics:

  • Smart factories: visit a demonstrator of a smart factory and manipulate a few commands.
  • Robotics: program robots, print mechanical parts.
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality: create situations where there is an issue in a manufacture and observe how students react and answer to the immediate need.

Needed resources could be for example programming kits, CAD software, 3D printers.

The overall aim would be for the students to be actively learning by producing or programming by themselves – learning by doing.

One of the teachers gave his own feedback: at his secondary school Pierre Sémard, Drancy, a Digital Lab has been created following the impulse of teachers and will open in September 2019. Equipment will be available to students along with educational tools in order to:

  • improve the performance of the institution by creating a co-constructed lab of knowledge to enhance students’ creativity,
  • develop digital uses by becoming familiar with digital design and manufacturing from projects.


Photo of the secondary school Pierre Sémard, Drancy

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