Space 4.0

Welcome to the Space 4.0! Please use the modules below to explore the unique learning resources!

Compendium 4.0

Directed at secondary STEM teachers, containing the analysis of each field, its potential, and guidelines for implementation of extra-curricular school activities.

4.0 Career Roadmap

Report concerning present state of readiness for new industrial revolution, taking into account statistics and desk/field research on the awareness of the topic and its relevance for future labour market.


Set of modules about elements of 4.0 including: smart factories, AR/VR, 3D printing, robotics, cloud computing and cyber safety.

Skills verification tool

Set of skills which can be rated and matched against possible career opportunities.

Communication space ​

A place in which teachers can interact with each other in a form of a chatroom to exchange knowledge and ideas.

Collaboration space

A space for teachers that allows them to share useful resources with each other, such as for example the lesson plans.

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