Industry 4.0 Workshop in Nicosia, Cyprus

COIN conducted a workshop with 10 STEM teachers from a STEM Education Center in Nicosia, Cyprus. The aim of the workshop was to introduce the Direction 4.0 project to the teachers and more specifically the Compendium 4.0, its objectives and its potential implementation to a classroom of students.

During the workshop, the Compendium 4.0 was presented to the teachers so they can get an overview of the content within. The teachers were explained the various topics covered in the Compendium, namely: Smart Factories, 3D printing, AR/VR, Cloud computing, Robotics and Cyber Safety.

Teachers were asked about potential extracurricular activities regarding the aforementioned topics, learning objectives of such activities and resources required to execute these activities in a classroom.

The group of teachers was multidisciplinary. More specifically, teachers covered specializations of Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science and Electronics.


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