Skills gap in new technologies

Industry 4.0 and technologies related with this concept are rapidly developing and beginning to have real impact on lives of EU citizens. Problems identified by project partners, in their countries, but also through wide-scale international research indicate a huge gap between provision and demand for skills related to new technologies such as robotics, 3D printing, cloud computing, VR/AR and cyber safety. Through DIRECTION 4.0 project we aim to promote these new technologies among secondary school students and motivate them to choose technical majors.

Proposed actions

DIRECTION 4.0 hence is focused on raising awareness of Industry 4.0 and developing skills that will soon be in great demand on EU labour market. Within the project several outputs will be developed, that are our response for identified problems and limitation. The project is directed at STEM teachers and their students, but other stakeholders, such as career councillors, educators or policy makers, will also benefit from the developed outputs.

Expected impact

DIRECTION 4.0 is expected to have a substantial impact on direct beneficiaries – STEM teachers and their students, but also on other relevant stakeholders, among which there will be career counsellors educators, trainers, policy makers, representatives of business sector.

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